Qimi Resort–We’ve arrived!

The student teachers enjoy the beach at beautiful Pulau Kapas

Once we got to the small, remote Pulau Kapas, we  stayed at Qimi Resort managed by Mr. Ashari, whose son Qimi was once a Sri Utama student.  Qimi’s Sports Day medals were proudly displayed there at the restaurant.

Tough competitors play Carrom!

There, we swam and snorkeled, slept off the jet lag, played Carrom for hours, and ate delicious banquets on the beach.

Making new friends at Pulau Kapas

We also got to know Qimi and his family, and each other, quite well.  Mostly, it was a chance to catch our breath, relax in this new country, and reflect on the wonderful opportunity that we have been given.

Katie journals on the beach while Marrissa enjoys the sunset

Our table is set for the evening meal: fish, chicken, veggies, rice and local fruit

Although Dato’ Fawziah was not able to stay the night with us on the island, she must have sensed the many times her name was mentioned, in thanks for this once-in-a lifetime experience.

Dato' Fawziah says goodbye for now

Now, we’re ready for anything!


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  1. ginazmorrison Says:

    Happy memories!

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