Sri Utama at Kuala Terengganu

On Monday morning, 6 February, we came to the Sri Utama School in Terengganu.

Our visit to Sri Utama KT

The Wilkes University student teachers were very impressed by the orderliness and beauty of the school, as well as the kind and patient teachers they met there.  Mme Paulin called the students to the assembly and welcomed us officially to the school.

Mme Paulin watches as one student leads the morning assembly

Morning assembly

Our students worked in teams of two, each team consisting of one primary and one secondary student teacher.  This pairing up helped our secondary student teachers feel more comfortable working with the younger students in this all-primary school.

Meeting the children

Pre-schoolers sing "Wheels on the Bus"

One of the Sri Utama children’s favorite activities seemed to be “The Hot Seat,” an activity in which each student—and the teacher as well—take a turn sitting in a special seat.  There, they must answer questions about themselves.  In this way, we were able to get to know interesting information about each student, develop quick rapport, and give the students an opportunity to practice forming and answering questions in English.

Marrissa and Kate in class

What a wonderful morning we had getting to know the students and faculty in our sister school, Sekolah Sri Utama, Kuala Terengganu!


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