Co-Curriculum at Sri Utama

This is assessment week at Sri Utama.  All the students are busy preparing for their class tests and all the teachers are concerned about getting the grades in on time. But everybody needs a break!

Student teachers Marrissa and Felicia join in the field activities during a break from assessments, with SU students and new student Victoria

Sri Utama students pose for the camera

That’s where Co-Curriculum comes in.  For six periods each week, these students get a chance to go outside and get involved in various activities, to blow off some steam and give their brains a break.  As you can see in the photos, the teachers are very much involved in Co-Co, as we like to call it here.

Katie gets everyone organized

Tom referees the basketball game

Sports Day is a major event here at Sri Utama.  Everyone is practicing for this show of teamwork, which happens off-campus on March 10.  The students are divided into four houses, Harry Potter style: the Red House, the Green House, the Blue House and the Yellow House.

Marrissa and and other teachers joining in the fun

Students practicing the GymRama finale with Becky at the back

The houses compete for the highest scores in GymRama, Dance, Soccer, Tug-of-War, Track and Field events.  They get a chance to prepare for the Sports Day events during Co-Co, with the help and encouragement of teachers and fellow students.

Kate talking with her students

Becky leads a GymRama routine

In some of these photos you can see how hard they are working to prepare for this all-important day–and how much fun they are having in the process!

Celebrating Green House's Tug-of-War victory!


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  1. Alisya Sooyoung Says:

    I ❤ my face in the Gymrama

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