Trying Durian

While in Malaysia, we want to do what the Malaysians do.  And what could be more Malaysian than trying the favorite Malaysian delicacy, the durian.  Everybody talks about it so it must be great,  right?

Checking out the durian stand

Durian is known as the king of the fruits.  There’s nothing quite like it in the world.  Sweet and succulent, but stinky and smelly–these are the words that many people use to describe it.  But honestly, nothing can describe it.  You just have to try it.

William chooses the best quality durian for the sampling

So here we are at a roadside durian stand, looking over the prickly, pungent durian.  William, our chief negotiator, chooses one from the best quality category and has it weighed.  One durian costs 35 ringgit, or about $11 US dollars.  We can’t wait to have a bite!

Digging in!

When the vendor takes a hatchet and slices open the durian for us, we can see several fruits nestled inside the sections.  Interesting…. we don’t have anything like this in America. Well, here goes!

Ok, so it’s not for everybody, even though some of us love it!  Anyway, we couldn’t leave Malaysia without trying their favorite fruit, the much talked-about durian!



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