Dinner with Dato’

Ever since our arrival almost four weeks ago, we’ve been treated to the famous Malaysian hospitality.  Malaysians take great pride in their food, and they eat 6 times a day.  The day after we came, our host Dato’ Fawziah took us all out to a new restaurant, the Mulut Cafe.  What a treat!

Katie, Kate Marrissa, Dr Gina, Becky, Felicia and Tom

Dato' with Felicia and Katie

While waiting for our food, we presented the gifts that we had brought for Dato’ and her staff.  We thought they might enjoy a few things from our home: local candy, a photo calendar of beautiful Pennsylvania scenes, Hershey’s chocolate, postcards from Philadelphia, souvenirs from New York, real maple syrup, and official Wilkes University binders and pens.

Marrissa with Sri Utama staff

Puan Jamalliah, Dr Gina, and Dato'

Dato’ seemed to enjoy the gifts, but not as much as we enjoyed the food!  The icing on the cake, so to speak, was the birthday cake for Mr How.

Dato' with Puan Siti and Mr How

It was a great night and a warm welcome to Malaysian hospitality.  Thanks, Dato’!

Dato', Puan Siti, Kate, and Katie


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