Shopping at Central Market

Of course, we don’t work all the time!  Like everybody here, we love to shop.  In fact, shopping seems to be a national pastime.

Here we are ready to go inside Central Market

We had to make the traditional shopping stop at Pasar Seni, also known as Central Market, the center for Malaysian handicrafts and art.  Originally a wet market (a place where people buy fish and vegetables and other wet things), it was converted to this charming  and convenient shopping center in 1986.

The outside of Central Market is as nice as the inside!

Central Market is now a Heritage Site, a landmark for Malaysian culture and art.  There are so many bargains to be had in Central Market!  You can’t help but enjoy the cozy feel of the place, and we obviously felt quite at home shopping until we dropped.

Katie chooses some fantastic wall hangings

Becky and Felicia drive a hard bargain!

Lucky for us, there is a great Thai restaurant on the first floor (which would be called the second floor if we were back in the U.S.A.), and we had a chance to relax and enjoy some Thai cuisine.

At the Thai Restaurant

Thai Fried Rice....m.m.m.m.....

Once is just not enough; we have to get back here again!

Kate, Gina & Felicia: Satisfied shopper!


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