Third International Problem-Based Learning Symposium


March 8.  Our big day has finally arrived!  Who can believe that we have come all the way from Wilkes-Barre, PA to Singapore to give a presentation at an international conference.  Lucky for us, the Singaporean organizers and all the international participants we met at this conference made us feel welcomed and very much at ease.   Here we are ready to start our presentation entitled, “Fostering Global Connections: An American University’s Student Teaching Program in Malaysia.”

And we’re happy to report that the presentation was very well received!  Most of the participants who attended were from Malaysian universities with education programs, and they wanted to know how to get their students to America to do student teaching there!

One of the greatest things about these conferences is the people you meet at them.  We made a new friend, a professor from New Zealand, who actually took the above photo.  And here he is with us, below, at the conference banquet.


If you’ve never been to the an international conference in Asia, then you might not know how fabulous their conference banquets are! Lots of entertainment. activity, singing, and dancing.  In Singapore, we were treated to Malay traditional dancing and (you guessed it), they got Tom and Katie up on the stage with them!


This conference was a wonderful experience.  We made great friends, learned so much, and gained some great professional experiences to add to our resumes.  Thanks to the Wilkes University Mentoring Committee for making it happen!



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