In Transit – Jan 29 & 30, 2013

At about 4:30 AM, the next cohort of student teachers gathered at the Henry Student Center at Wilkes University, with family and friends there to send them off.


Ms. Beth Spencer of the Education Department and Dr. Gina Zanolini Morrison, the student teaching supervisor, get the van ready for the trip while goodbyes are said.

Beth& Gina

The students are packed and ready to go!

Cin Van

Soon, we are crossing the George Washington Bridge and getting close to the JFK airport.


Finally we get on the Emirates Air Airbus 380 and are ready for anything. Can you believe it’s Jennifer’s first plane ride? (Hint: She’s the one with the biggest smile!)


Twelve hours later, we stop at Dubai Airport in the United Arab Emirates for a short layover before finishing the journey. It was really a great flight!


In those quiet moments during our 18 hours in the air, between watching movies and sleeping and chatting, the same thing was on everyone’s mind: What would it be like in Malaysia?


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