Arrival in KL!

3. Arrival in KL!

Finally, we’ve arrived! We were greeted at the airport by our Sri Utama friends and our old friend Becky Gallaher–one of two student teaches from the 2012 trip who came back to work here as teachers! We were brought to Dato’ Fawziah’s residence at Sri Utama and given a warm welcome. Here we are, about 30 hours after setting off.

Seated l-r: Nick Barno, Jennifer Earley, Amanda Coombs, Stephanie Wilkie, Dato’ Fawziah Abdul Karim, Cartier Scott, Abby Kaster.

Standing l-r: Becky Gallaher, Nadira Hassan (Dato’s daughter), Gina Zanolini Morrison (student teaching supervisor), William Morrison, Nawwar Hassan (HR Director & Dato’s daughter), Matthew Bryant (Dato’s son-in-law), Puan Siti (Registrar), Kate McGurk (who also came last year and is now a Sri Utama teacher).


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