Faculty Sessions: KL & JB

The student teachers had the rare opportunity to get some professional experience as training facilitators during two faculty sessions–one at the Kuala Lumpur school, and one at the Johor Bahru school.

KL Role Play w Cartier

KL teachers really get into their role-playing assignment with Cartier.

(Question: Is it fair to have this much fun when you are teaching and training?)

KL Role Play

KL teachers acting out “problem” student behaviors–They are a LITTLE too good at this!

Am & Jenn w KL teachers

Amanda and Jennifer get the KL teachers going on a group activity in the Effective Lesson Planning session.

They assisted with the planning of the two sessions and joined in as group facilitators.

Computer lab Big Smiles

One happy bunch of teachers at the KL Classroom Management Workshop! Standing in the back: Abby, Jennifer & Puan Jamalliah

JB teachers

JB teachers at the Effective Lesson Planning workshop. In the front: Nick and Jenn. Standing in the back: Matt Duffy, a Wilkes grad who came to JB on a short-term teaching assignment.

JB Teachers w G

JB teachers discuss the new DLP: Daily Lesson Plan.

JB lunch time:  that all-important part of any Malaysian gathering!

JB lunch time: that all-important part of any Malaysian gathering.


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