2013 Jungle Trek

Before we get to the 2014 cohort of Wilkes University student teachers going to Malaysia, let’s catch up on the 2013 adventure.

3. JUngle

Of course we HAD to go into the jungle! We ventured into the jungle that is part of FRIM (the Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia).  It was hot but so beautiful.  And very peaceful.

7. Gp on the rock

We followed the path deep into the jungle outside of Kuala Lumpur. We even crossed the high, hand-made suspension bridges….  Well, at least the most adventurous among us went up into the treetops!

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

What a wonderful connection to nature we experienced during that Sunday afternoon in March 2013.  Right, Stephanie?

1. butterfly on Steph's nose


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2 Responses to “2013 Jungle Trek”

  1. Toh An Nee Says:

    Hi, I am glad you teachers had at nice time at FRIM, Kepong. For your information, FRIM is one of Malaysia’ National Heritage Sites.
    I just would to inform that FRIM actually stands for Forest “Research” (not “Reserve”) Institute Malaysia. This is a mistake that is becoming quite common recently.
    Anyways, do come to FRIM again and have a great day ahead.

    an nee

    Corporate Management Unit
    Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
    52109 Kepong, Selangor, Malaysia,

    • ginazmorrison Says:

      Hello and thank you for the correction. It’s an important difference! Yes, we will definitely visit again this year; thank you for welcoming us.

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