Jungle Adventure, February 2014 – Di Dalam Hutan

Ok, so it’s been a few months since we’ve been back. We’ve finished the semester and these student teachers have graduated. But we’re all still reminiscing about the adventures that we had just a few short months ago in Malaysia! Here is our story about one hot Saturday afternoon in February, when this group of student teachers decided to experience the jungle.

Ready for A Jungle Adventure!

Ready for A Jungle Adventure!

Now you may think it’s odd to have an ATV park in the middle of the jungle. But it’s there–the rock says so–and it’s truly IN the jungle.  We’d heard all about it.  We had to experience it first-hand. We got loads of directions from friends at the school on how to get there (all of them different).  Finally, we piled in the van and found our way in to the jungle.

a Jungle village

Village at the edge of the jungle

The further inside the jungle, the narrower the road....

The further in, the narrower the road….

We cautiously eased our van up the ever-narrowing jungle road, hoping to find the much talked about ATV Adventure Park.  And, finally, just when we thought the road was about to end, there it was.

With the motto “Respect the Jungle!’ the group was off on an adventure.

See you later!

See you later!

And what’s a jungle adventure without a little drama?

f Lost in the jungle

Lost in the jungle!

With two secondary science majors on board, they insisted on having the full jungle experience.

Jungle river swim… Is there anything more refreshing?

Back home, several hours later, these adventurers were washed and refreshed and ready for another adventure–this time on the town!

Paige, Rachel, Amanda, Chase, Robin & Mitch: All cleaned up and ready for more!


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