Makanan (Food, Malaysian Style) 2014

You can’t talk bout Malaysia without talking about food.  Malaysian cuisine is as creative, as colorful, and as diverse as the Malaysian people are–not to mention tasty!  But…let’s let the photos do all the talking.

* With Cafe Owner

Ah…. The joys of street food!

* Fried Fish

Fresh fried fish with all the trimmings

* Satay Meal

Satay and Iced Lemon Tea

* 4 at Pewter Factory

Lunch at the Selangor Pewter Factory Cafe with the Sri Utama staff

* Local cuisine

Stopping for a side of the road treat on a hot, steamy night

* Lunch at Dato's

Lunch at Dato’s

* Salmon Salad

Cappucino and Salmon Salad at the Pewter Factory Cafe

* Local Fruit

Local Fruit

* Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak – Coconut rice, with chicken rendang, sambal, anchovies, peanuts, egg & cucumber – A breakfast favorite!

* 3 students eating

Student teachers enjoying the long Friday lunch at Selangor Pewter Factory Cafe, across the street from Sri Utama



* Dragonfruit




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